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About Loyal Ivy

Loyal Ivy is much more than an online store. It's a place of belonging and transformation. Loyal Ivy represents each and every one of us at our core. Here at Loyal Ivy we embrace who we are, we believe in our dreams, we're proud of what we have accomplished and we are unapologetically, US! Loyal Ivy celebrates you! You are meant for great things and all you've ever wished for - will come to you.  When you wear Loyal Ivy we want you to be reminded of how much you matter and that the best is yet to come for you.

Be you. Be unique.

Our Story

How we were founded

Loyal Ivy is a story of determination, grit and hope. Read our full story below.

Mission and Values

Loyal Ivy is represented by 5 core values. Read our mission and purpose below. 

Our Purpose
Our Team

Meet the Team

Loyal Ivy is a small family run business located in Putnam County, NY. 

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