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Why Loyal Ivy?

The name Loyal Ivy embodies a symbolic and purposeful meaning. These two words hold immense meaning to our founder, as she battled the most challenging and complicated adversities of her life.

What Loyal Ivy represents:

Loyal: reliable, devoted, faithful and always true. Stands strong to commitments. A truehearted person  who is steadfast, firm, relentless, committed and dedicated. Resolute and bold in nature, persistent, uncompromising with an unwavering amount of fortitude and vigor. Powerful with tenacity and unequivocal allegiance.


Ivy: symbol of eternity and faithfulness. Never loses it's leaves and often climbs up broken walls; though there may be cracks, things are possible because of hope. Ivy represents perseverance, regardless of the state. It is said that ivy was given as gifts to represent a symbol of everlasting life, devotion, fidelity and loyalty. Ivy will not easily let go of something it's attached to. Ivy represents vigor and robustness. The leaves are said to be sacred, symbolizing female divinity. Ivy also represents friendship and peace as it has the ability to bind different plants together. 

Loyal Ivy is much more than just two words. Loyal Ivy is all of us when we need hope and faith the most; when we find ourselves in our darkest times and we're looking for the light. YOU have the power. Because you can do this. You were made for this!

Loyal Ivy is proud to be a woman owned and founded small business supporting other women owned businesses and women empowerment.

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